Massage Therapist Licensing Efforts in Kansas Continue   

It's a new legislative year and our Government Relations team has been busy working toward licensing for MT's in Kansas. Get the latest news on our Law and Legislation page!

Spring Meeting - Touch for Health - Our Passion

Since 1973, Touch for Health (TFH) has been revolutionizing our understanding of self­care while helping millions of people around the world. Hundreds of certified instructors worldwide are teaching a wide range of professional & medical personnel as well as traditional families this holistic energy kinesiology balancing system that produces rapid, long lasting results for clients, patients, family and friends. Developed by Dr John Thie, DC from Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health has since spread to over 60 countries and has been translated into over 80 languages...There is so much more to share about the benefits of learning Touch for Health than spacehere permits. It is for individuals desiring to help others feel better in body, mind & spirit as well as themselves. The rewards are beyond what words can describe and must be felt to truly grasp its potential.

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