Massage Therapist Licensing Efforts in Kansas Continue   

It's a new legislative year and our Government Relations team has been busy working toward licensing for MT's in Kansas. Get the latest news on our Law and Legislation page!

Government Relations

Hello AMTA KS Members,

I know we, as the Board of Directors, speak to you about the need for licensure, all the time.  I also know that while most of you know it will make our whole situation as therapist better, you are also still on the sidelines asking…”so what is this really going to do for ME”. 

Here are the top three reasons you should get involved and help see this thing through Legislature. 

  1. Practice Growth.  If we are recognized as reputable, safe, knowledgeable practitioners of the skill of massage therapy, across the state, we will begin to gain the trust and respect as professionals of many in the health care industry.  We will also not have the stigma of “are we prostitutes?”, thus leading more people to recognize the health benefits of massage.  These two benefits of licensure alone will lead to us being able to command what we are worth!
  2. Safety.  With the “red lights” more or less put out on the massage side, we will, in time have to deal less and less with the seedy people who come sniffing around. Licensure will also give us respect and the benefit of having law enforcement on our side with limited questions about our involvement. Law enforcement will not even think about if we are the questionable ones or not…
  3. Respect.  With a standardization of education and “lifting up” of the profession, we WILL see, in time, the recognition of the value of the work we do.  Nurses, Chiropractors and other professionals have all had to fight this fight, for respect, it is no different for massage.  Once the world sees we are well educated, capable and trustworthy we will have the respect we deserve.

I would just like to remind you that we would not think in this day and age to use a plumber or electrician who was unlicensed…or go to an OB/GYN who had not had a back ground check, so why would we expect people to come to us without these things.

Yes, many of us do not directly have issues in our communities, of known prostitution or human trafficking, but as you have surely read in the headlines, this is an issue effecting Kansans.  Many of us live is very small towns where we are on a first name basis with other health care professionals, who know what we do and recommend us to their clients.  On that note us small towner’s also know our law enforcement officials as well.  I also know from fellow MT’s that have gone to city hall to get whatever local red tape taken care of, that even in small towns, they still wonder what we are up to and treat legitimate therapist like they are street walkers.......City folk do not have the luxury of knowing most everyone around them.  They are the ones who see the ugly side of this struggle.  They are the ones who get to see the questionable place open down the way, or if they call the cops on a person asking for “services” we do not offer, get the third degree instead. This is unacceptable behavior and it is all because they are uneducated and we do not have a license to back us up!  We NEED licensure, even if not directly, and it is best if we govern ourselves as opposed to having someone else do it for us!

We lost our battle last winter due entirely to apathy….. We were told that ONLY half of those communicating with Representatives supported licensing.  I understand we cannot all drop what we are doing and run to Topeka at the drop of a hat, but we are all perfectly capable of using our well exercised hands to send emails!  This year when called upon PLEEEASE!!! Support licensure to raise our profession, protect our titles, and protect our practice!  We need this, we deserve this and it will not happen unless we ALL voice our support!!!!

Your AMTA KS President, Paige Harper

We are always looking for those who are enthusiastic about licensure and would like to volunteer, please contact Paige if you are intrested.

Licensure for Massage Therapy Initiative

Our Chapter is now engaging in moving our licensure for massage therapy initiative forward by taking the next needed steps. Working from our successful Sunrise testimony template, we are working collaboratively with ABMP and AMTA National assistance, including our legislative consultant, to draft appropriate language for our bill.We have met with KATMB, heard their concerns, met again with KATMB leadership to agree on the important Grandfathering Provision options which will be acceptable options to propose according to everyone.

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